Vegan eggnog recipe courtesy Pemberton’s wizard cocktail concocters

Not only are  Tyler and Lorien at Pemberton Distillery absolute wizards (and trailblazing legends) in the organic craft spirits industry, their ten year old distillery provides a creative outlet for their growing and making tendencies – motivating picking and planting missions (they grow their organic hops, most of the herbs and botanicals used in their Absinthe and many for their Gin and they are slowly expanding the raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb crops to eventually be self-sufficient) and cocktail concoctions.

Here’s a festive offering that Lorien made for the bar at the Refresh holiday market a few weeks ago, and shares with us! pemberton distillery

This Mylk Nog is a nice and simple alternative to traditional eggnog – the cashew and coconut milks make it nice and creamy still, but it is not at all syrupy. The Nocino is a green walnut liqueur (this year, the green walnuts were all harvested here in Pemberton!) which is slightly bitter and spicy, almost like an Amaro, and adds a really interesting character to the nog!


Mylk Nog (serves a gathering!)

1L cashew milk (make your own or buy at grocery store)

500ml full fat coconut milk 

125ml simple syrup (1:1 cane sugar to water)

200ml Pemberton Organic Kartoffelschnaps 

100ml Pemberton Nocino Green Walnut Liqueur


Combine all ingredients in blender to combine. Taste and adjust sweetness as desired. Chill overnight. Stir and serve in small glasses. Garnish with a dust of nutmeg. Will last in the fridge for a few days.