Reclaim the table. Restore the world.

Sound lofty?

We’ve got to start somewhere.

Why not with food?

Right in our own backyard, neighbourhood, watershed.

Why not explore the way we sustain ourselves  – in a less pathological, less rule-based, less transactional, less perfectionist fashion than “foodism” sometimes conveys…

This is a collaborative project, inviting voices and perspectives to the table, to share tales of their relationship with food – growing it, making it, eating it – with a view to encouraging others to get messier, get more hands-on, get more intimate, have more fun with nourishing and sustaining and stewarding themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

Sometimes getting a little bit DIY needs a whole lotta encouragement.

I find that in community. So we’re starting one here.

Featuring…. a range of awesome people – growers, bakers, farmers, makers, including Anna Helmer, Michelle Leroux and Bandit Farms, Kera Willis from Mountain Horse School, Bruce Miller at Across the Creek Organics, Raven Burns from Blackbird Bakery,  Zoe Martin, Nidhi Raina, Erica Osburn, Meesh Moran, Julia Harvey, Melissa Darou, Denisa Lowery, Blair Kaplan Venables, Kevin Arnold, Meghan Barton, Jennie Helmer, Naomi Martz from Four Beat Farm, Tanya di Valentino, Rya Secord, Dawn Johnson, Kevani MacDonald, Lisa Severn, Lisa Graham-Knight, Swuwa Patrick, Michelle Beks from Shaw Creek Farm and more…

Oh, and me, Lisa Richardson.

Watch this space for contributors bios.

If you’d like to join us, leave a comment here and we’ll email you the details.