Farmers Staycation: why the best place to find the Millers is on the Miller’s farm

For some reason most of our family breaks from farming are taken on the farm.

Actually there are several reasons for it – like checking the cows, checking the fences, checking the back field, scouting for saw logs and firewood trees for next winter.

But mostly its about experiencing the beautiful place that we live and farm.

We have a fishing hole, a beaver pond, a forest, a river.

Our short little trips on a sunny Sunday are the things we remember more than the 30 seasons of Potato Fields we have planted.

We work here so we can live here. We work too hard. We are working on that.


This is the the fishing hole at the river. It has always been a great spot for a kid to catch their first fish.

Image 2.jpg

The Waterfall  hike usually coincides with some irrigation intake repairs.


Every fall we try to get a mushroom picking hike in across the creek and up the hillside. Last fall Jesse and I came upon this spot.


Feb 2018 – a walk across the creek to the upper swamp. This is where most of the  coho fry from Ryan Creek spend their first summer  growing.   We were checking out the tracks and trying to figure out what all the animals were up to.