Traced Elements’ founder is Lisa Richardson, a brown thumb, suburban refugee, settler, writer, community builder and mama. My ongoing project is to work out how to slow the fuck down while still optimizing happiness and productivity. My deep suspicion is that  the secret probably has to do with time in dirt, and the power of the community you manage to gather around you.

I am joined by:

Michelle Leroux. Reformed Whistlerite with one foot in the world of freelance PR for brands including Vail Resorts, Sea to Sky Gondola and Scandinave Spa. The other foot is in a rubber boot covered in mud. Michelle and her husband Riley Johnson ran Bandit Farms for a few years and are currently homesteading on Collins Road.

Raven Burns. A food anthropologist, interested in creating food culture, not food fads. Pastry Chef, Business Owner, Culture Seeker. And the reason Pemberton has the best little bakery in the world.

Bruce Miller from Across the Creek Organics. Who loves farming. He thinks. And has a goal to become a hobby farmer.

Zoé Martin. Apparently I’m a foodie (definition: a person with a particular interest in food). Yes, I like to eat but I also enjoy cooking and baking, especially if it’s for friends and family. Cooking can be a way of relaxing, until it goes wrong, but is mostly about creating something that everyone can enjoy. It’s also about getting back to real food and making from scratch, wherever possible. No boxed cake mixes for me!

Erica Osburn. Freelance writer and editor. Love making soup, and baking. Also a passionate ocean swimmer – raised on the coast.

Meesh Moran. Encounters & experiments from the garden: my journey to creating a career playing in dirt as I figure out how to share my passion and inspire others to grow their own food. Also, the odd recipe made with homegrown goods and the stories that arise from enjoying them at my monthly dinner parties.

Julia Harvey. Grow it, harvest it, hunt or fish it, support local farmer and most of all Enjoy it!! I’m not great at following a recipe but I love to create them. Life as a hobby farmer, raising chicken and ducks and hunting and fishing in the area.

Kristine Olson. I’m a Saskatchewan-born townie turned Vancouver city girl, turned Pemberton resident so I know nearly nothing about where my food comes from, and I’m so excited to turn that around. We left the sticks and moved to the big city when I was 9 so I’m so jazzed to be returning to a small, agricultural town. It feels like coming home! I work at the Blackbird Bakery under Raven’s amazing tutelage and absolutely love it. Talk about loving what you do! Nothing makes me happier than the joyful faces of the people that enjoy what we do there. Kristine will be writing about starting from scratch through a city-slicker’s lens.

Naomi Martz of Four Beat Farm. Modern-day farmer, enthusiast of draft horses and vintage machinery, passionate about carrots and community. Writing about life on a small-scale organic vegetable farm and other ramblings.

Lisa Severn. She’s a wannabe farmer, chef, cookbook publisher, pro-mountain biker, full-time surfer and Hawaiian Island dweller who’s afraid of ridiculously long-term commitments. But Lisa’s also nuts about helping others with written and visual communications and considers herself lucky that freelancing has a much faster turn around time than say…studying French cuisine, potato farming or big wave hunting.

Also Jaime Maguire, Mike Roger from Willowcraft Farm, Meghan Barton, Lia Padgett, Denisa Lowery, Kevin Arnold from Kevin Arnold Photography, Melissa Darou, Nidhi Raina, Anna Helmer, Jennie Helmer, Dawn Johnson, Kera Willis from Mountain Horse School, Michelle Beks from Shaw Creek Farm, Tanya di Valentino, Blair Kaplan Venables, Rya Letham, Sarinda Hoilett and more…