Cookbook Club

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In 2018, Traced Elements partnered with Stay Wild Natural Health to create Cook Book Club Pemberton, a monthly community potluck that revolves around a single featured cookbook. We reviewed four amazing cookbooks!

We reconvened in December 2019 around David Robertson’s Gather.

Cookbook Club is like bookclub where you don’t have to read a book. A dinner party where you only have to prepare one dish. Collaborative entertaining.

The point of Cookbook Club is to enjoy yourself. Make it easy, make it fun; we’re here to judge the cookbooks, not each other. – Tara Austen Weaver, Serious Eats

You make a shareable plate, from the selected cookbook, and show up, to Stay Wild, at 7pm, on the designated date.

You meet a bunch of other people, sample a bunch of other dishes, and decide whether the cookbook is for you or not.

No cost. No stakes. No pressure.

A fun, free, social night out. A community potluck.

Bring your own napkin, or nibbling plate. It’s a Zero Waste event, so that Stay Wild will want to continue to host us!

What people say:

That was so amazing. So much good food, and lovely women to hang out with  – Kim

snowline does cookbook club

May 24 Thug Kitchen Photo: Snowline Catering

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  • February 22 Smitten Kitchen Every Day
  • March 21 Oh She Glows Every Day
  • April 25 Cooking with the Wolfman: Indigenous Fusion
  • May 24 Thug Kitchen
  • June – August Summer hiatus
  • PLEASE NOTE: due to the sheer rapidity with which September arrived, the planned September 20 Freestyle event has been postponed.

If you’d like to host a Cookbook Club, let us know!

If you host a private invitation-only one with friends and review a cookbook, send photos and reviews, and we will happily share it here.

Smitten Kitchen cookbook club photo by Roxanne Joe

Feb 22 Smitten Kitchen. Photo by Roxanne Joe

“Cookbook clubs are the new potlucks. The idea of sharing the work involved in having people over for dinner is sweet, but too often means eating a disjointed dinner that circled the globe, with samosas, shepherd’s pie and chow mein all on one plate.

A club allows members to create a unified menu of dishes from an agreed-upon cookbook. We spread out the work, then enjoy a cohesive meal together, socializing and comparing notes, collectively reviewing the book.” – Andrea Chu, the Globe and Mail

Oh She Glows Cookbook Club

March 21 Oh She Glows. Photos by Lisa Richardson