Cookbook Club

Traced Elements has partnered with Stay Wild Natural Health to create Cook Book Club Pemberton, a monthly community potluck that revolves around a single featured cookbook.

It’s like bookclub where you don’t have to read a book. A dinner party where you only have to prepare one dish. Collaborative entertaining.

The point of Cookbook Club is to enjoy yourself. Make it easy, make it fun; we’re here to judge the cookbooks, not each other. – Tara Austen Weaver, Serious Eats

You make a shareable plate, from the selected cookbook, and show up, to Stay Wild, at 7pm, on the designated date.

You meet a bunch of other people, sample a bunch of other dishes, and decide whether the cookbook is for you or not.

No cost. No stakes. No pressure.

A fun, free, social night out. A community potluck.

Bring your own napkin, or nibbling plate. It’s a Zero Waste event, so that Stay Wild will want to continue to host us!

What people say:

That was so amazing. So much good food, and lovely women to hang out with  – Kim


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  • February 22 Smitten Kitchen Every Day
  • March 21 Oh She Glows Every Day
  • April 25 Cooking with the Wolfman: Indigenous Fusion
  • May 24 Thug Kitchen


“Cookbook clubs are the new potlucks. The idea of sharing the work involved in having people over for dinner is sweet, but too often means eating a disjointed dinner that circled the globe, with samosas, shepherd’s pie and chow mein all on one plate.

A club allows members to create a unified menu of dishes from an agreed-upon cookbook. We spread out the work, then enjoy a cohesive meal together, socializing and comparing notes, collectively reviewing the book.” – Andrea Chu, the Globe and Mail