I know from the demand  following the pandemic, there are lots of new chicken raisers out there now. Many of them it seems are females (nurturers) trying to get their reluctant partners (practical) to get on board and help them set it up. The learning curve is steep and I’m sure there has been quite a few trials and tribulations. Raising chickens can be fun, frustrating and eye-opening, just like life in general. With this familiarity comes the realization that chickens offer a philosophical and social microcosm, especially within the English language. I believe there are more parallels attributed to chickens than any other farm animal. I am going to run you through just a small portion of sayings about chickens and how they relate to us.This is a short scenario about new Covid-inspired chicken farming couples.

First of all many of you have been COOPED UP, with the lockdown as opposed to RUNNING AROUND WITH YOUR HEAD CUT OFF as per usual. So with no HEN PARTIES and a desire to be more self-sufficient you thought you would WING IT and and take some chicks UNDER YOUR WING.You wanted  to play MOTHER HEN  to someone other than your homeschooled children before they FLY THE COOP.  Your husband may have CHICKENED OUT but you PLAYED CHICKEN with him instead, stating not to PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET when it comes to food security. Being NO SPRING CHICKEN,  and knowing the PECKING ORDER, he was eventually HEN-PECKED to the point of having to build a coop. Doing the math, he realized that the cost would not be CHICKEN FEED. His calculations looked like CHICKEN SCRATCH on paper and the numbers didn’t add up. The CHICKEN AND EGG SITUATION is that raising chickens could actually cost money as you CAN’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH!