Nature’s Gifts

What is this weed in my garden, or what is this plant on this trail?! Does it have any herbal, medicinal, or edible qualities? When and how could I make elderflower cordial? You can eat ferns!? How can I preserve thimbleberries? How can I save my salad greens for later in the season when I am no longer sick of salad? I hate to waste- what can I do with carrot tops?

Nature gives us so much for free – if we know when and where to look for her gifts. They are often sporadic, and never last long! So every Tuesday we at Nurture in Nature are offering to take you on a little Zoom walk through our garden and forests to show off what is all around us that we so often forget to notice, and give some tips on how to recognize, appreciate, and utilize the never-ending gifts from Mother Nature. For example – chamomile is out right now!!

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Our first session is free, to offer a taste at what we want to offer, and to practice of course! Tuesday June 30 at 6:30 pm, register online here;

We hope that by demonstrating how we connect to the land around us, we can offer insight into how you can cultivate a deeper connection with the place and community wherever you are, be that Pemberton or elsewhere. So join us Tuesday to begin walking a path of connecting more deeply to your food system, community, and the environment, as we search for more sustainable and resilient lifestyles, together.

Nurture your Nature