Munchy Munchy Cookbook for kids: review

My kids offered (er.. rather were bribed with a cookbook and kitchen privileges) to review the Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Pierre A. Lamielle. It looked and sounded like a lot of fun.

Here’s our first shared book review featuring me (tonight, tired mom), Calian (10) and Kwaya (8). My additions are in italics.

The book is pretty cool. It includes handy cooking instructions, a good variety of easy to make, but not dull recipes, safety tips and great illustrated characters.

What did you like about the book?

K: I thought it was a cool idea for the Munchy Munchy Bunch.

There’s Sal, who has to follow a recipe; Pepper, who’s a hot mess; Ragu, who’s always hungry for anything and everything;  Ziti, who’s the absolute most picky eater of all time; Sage, who’s the ultimate food nerd; Rose, who knows how everything grows; and Bean, who’s here and there and everywhere.

K: The very, very, very slow grilled cheese looked yummy. I did not get time to make it!

C: I made the volcano eggs and pancakes. I wanted to make the brownies, too, but you wouldn’t let me.

How did the recipes go?

C: The volcano eggs didn’t turn out well. I didn’t follow the recipe that well. They were hard inside. I’d like to try making them again.

Volcano eggs in progress

C: The pancakes were the best pancakes I’ve ever made. And they even looked like the best pancakes.

Good looking pancakes!

I agree. C was home from school with a cold one day and made the pancakes. They tasted great, cooked easily, and would pack well for lunch.

What else would you like to cook?

C: I would like to cook the brownies. The Caesar salad looks good, but we don’t have the ingredients or any lettuce.

What didn’t you like?

K: The illustrations on the recipes were not my favourite. I couldn’t really tell what I was seeing.

Who would you recommend this cookbook for?

K: The book would be good for a person who has never cooked before: maybe someone who is 6 or 7.

C: It would be good for someone like Gabriel in kindergarten to learn how to cook his first things. Older kids (like us) could use it without help. Younger kids could use it with parents in the kitchen.

Anything else to add?

K: Thanks for the book!

I was impressed by the description of Familius, the global trade publishing company that published this book. They believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society and that happy families (of all types) are the foundation of a happy life. They publish beautiful books that help families live their 9 Habits of Happy Family Life: love together, play together, learn together, work together, talk together, heal together, read together, eat together, laugh together. What an inspiring mission!


C made the brownies. They were delicious for one-bowl brownies with limited ingredients–chewy and crispy without being too chocolately. Another success!