Food and Feelings: Caesar Trail

There’s a scene from the movie Now and Then where all of the girls are joyfully riding their bikes around their town. Often when I’m riding my bike with my friends, around Pemberton, I pretend I’m in that movie. Perhaps it’s because what I’m doing is a simple yet heart-fulfilling activity? Perhaps when I’m on my bike it feels like all of life’s complications melt away? Perhaps I just really love that movie and wish I was in it?
I’m not sure what it is but I love being on my bike and riding the “mellow” trails and routes around town.
Being from Winnipeg, where the biggest hill I had growing up was a bridge, inclines and declines can be intimidating to me. So, I’ve established that there are certain trails in town that I’m comfortable with.
One of those trails is called “Caesar Trail.”
Upon moving to Pemberton in 2012 I was introduced to the activity of riding my bike along the dike to the golf course zone. It’s quite magical and beautiful to ride my bike on the dike and to be able to choose where to go next once the dike ends. I found myself more often than not riding that trail and ending up at one of the golf courses for a Caesar.
The fact that the route/trail didn’t have that exciting of a name, in my opinion, I started to call it the “Cesar Trail.” Maybe this is a name that will catch on? Maybe this is the name that only me and my friends will use?
All that matters is that at the end of the beautiful and chill adventure is a Caesar.
It’s my favorite trail to ride in the whole Sea to Sky Corridor and I recommend you try it out (especially if the sun is shining).
IMG_0747 2
Cheers to Tara and Kalmia for being my partners-in-caesar and to Shayne for taking pictures of us!