A Couple of No-Bake Sweet Treats for Hot Pemberton Days

Pemberton is a haven for horse lovers, golfers, mountain bikers, gardeners, farmers, adventure-seeking backcountry enthusiasts, ski and snowboard lovers (who would prefer to not reside in Whistler, or who cannot afford Whistler housing prices), and people who can tolerate extreme heat and bugs.

I am none of those people, and thus look upon May to late September with dread when the temperatures hit north of 28C – which is frequent. However, Pemberton is also a place for people who enjoy peace and quiet and beautiful vistas – this is something I like very much about Pemberton.

In light of the extremely high temperatures we are experiencing as of late, my entry this month will focus on two quick, satisfying and fairly healthy sweet treats. One of them, my peanut butter balls, are a staple in my fridge and I make them often. They are a good source of protein and healthy fats; a healthy peanut butter cup! Secondly, my healthier version of marzipan can be eaten on its own, dyed and made into fun fruit shapes, or rolled out to cover a cake – the famous Princess cake which I think is a Swedish tradition. In any case, sugar is reduced – but it does contain raw egg so do not serve to young kids, and anyone takes a risk consuming raw egg. I will take that chance.

Therefore, my recipes this month do not highlight Pemberton ingredients – but highlight the importance of cooking and baking to suit Pemberton weather. Which seems to get hotter every year.

Peanut Butter Balls (makes 10-12)

(I use a kitchen scale for my recipes and I highly recommend owning a scale for bakers)

6 oz Adams Original Salted smooth peanut butter

2 oz coconut oil, (unmelted)

4 oz coconut sugar

½ tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla


3 squares Lindt 90% dark chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil


In a stand mixer, mix peanut butter and coconut oil together well. The coconut oil will take a while to fully incorporate.

Add rest of ingredients and blend well.

Refrigerate one hour.

Take out of fridge and form dough into balls using 1 tbs of dough and place on a wax-paper lined plate.

Refrigerate 1 hour

Meanwhile make coating by melting coating ingredients slowly on stove or use a double boiler so chocolate doesn’t burn. If you have a very low setting on your stove, use that.

When cold, dip balls into coating. Refrigerate ½ hour. Enjoy!


Marzipan: (makes about 2/3 cup of marzipan)

4 oz almond meal

1 oz icing sugar

1 egg beaten or 1 egg white (you won’t need all the egg)

1 tsp almond extract

Method: Using a Cuisinart, blend almond meal and icing sugar. With blade running add almond extract. Then slowly, add egg one tsp at a time until mixture comes together around the bowl. The marzipan should have a firm texture, not a mushy texture. Now you can do whatever you want with your marzipan, including eating it as-is!