Traced Elements and Stay Wild invite you to Cook Book Club, February 22

leah and nada

Here’s how it works.

You make a shareable plate, from the selected cookbook, and show up, to Stay Wild, at 7pm, on Thursday February 22.

You meet a bunch of other people, sample a bunch of other dishes, and decide whether the cookbook is for you or not.

No cost. No stakes. No pressure.

Bring your own napkin, or nibbling plate. We’re making this a Zero Waste event.

Take home your platter at the end of the night.

Make new friends. Try some new dishes. Get inspired. Without having to do too much work at all.

First cookbook is the Smitten Kitchen Every Day.

There’s a copy at Stay Wild and you’re welcome to stop by, browse its pages, and snap a photo of the recipe you’d like to try.


Post a note in the comments, of what you’re making, so we don’t have 20 people making the same dish.

Cookbook clubs are the new potlucks. ~ Andrea Chu