Discover Chef David Wolfman’s award-winning cookbook for CookBook Club April 26

Save the date for 26 April’s Cook Book Club. We’re exploring Chef David Wolfman‘s award-winning new book, “Cooking with the Wolfman.”

Dubbed the “Godfather of Indigenous Cuisine”, Chef Wolfman is a classically trained Chef, Culinary Arts Professor at George Brown College and the executive producer and host of the 17 year strong television show (on APTN), Cooking with the Wolfman. Born in Toronto, Wolfman thinks of his mother’s territory in Xaxlip, just north of Lillooet, as “home” –  he does homage to her, and indigenous cultures of the Americas, with this cook-book – a how-to, recipe book and collection of stories, all rolled into one.

Check out the copy on display at Stay Wild Natural Health.

There are some game options, fish options, and plenty of baked treats to try out.

Chef Wolfman says that if you are a fan of eating local, or eating sustainable, eating “indigenous” will be right up your alley.

“I always say local, sustainabie and indigenous is synonymous with each other. The direction I see us moving into – heirloom tomatoes, churning our own butters, making our own stocks, growing our own herbs, using all of the herb, using everything, so we’re not actually wasting food – it’s like we’re going back to what one elder told me are ‘the old ways’ – making sure we don’t take more from the earth and that we’re conscious of the earth.”

But whatever your food philosophy, or buzz words, or preferred cuisine, Wolfman’s belief aligns perfectly with what Cook Book Club is all about:

The end goal is that we sit together and eat together and tell stories and love the company. That is all.”


So, make a plate, bring a date.

Cook Book Club is a PLUS ONE event, so if you’ve prepared a dish to share, bring a friend with you. Maybe you even want to prep your dish together, or share the cost of ingredients…

New for April’s Cook Book Club, we’ve adopted Signal Hill Elementary’s School Lunch Program as our charity of choice, and will have a donation dish at Cook Book Club for whatever cash-or-coin contribution you’d like to make.

COOKBOOK-CLUB April 26 2018