Laughing Crow’s farm monster is alive!

When I interviewed Kerry and Andrew last year, for a story about local farmers, Andrew shared his idea that the farm is a kind of mechanical beast that they build up every year, that eventually lurches to life. I loved seeing him unpack this idea in Laughing Crow Organics’ newsletter to harvest box subscribers last week, and got permission to share it here.

In other news, the sunflower maze is ready and opening Friday August 14


Over to Andrew Budgell:

The farm monster is a giant animated beast built from scratch every year, one miniature piece at a time placed by a few busy human hands.

Slow incremental progress is the key.  In the early weeks it almost seems unlikely that it will take shape… 

By June it starts to have form and begins to threaten action by spitting out peas, radishes, salad greens, lettuces and kales..

More pieces are added…  the monster is fed and begins to belch out carrots and beets random flowers and zucchinis—–

I’m not sure exactly what move creates the next shift but it’s like an all-of-a-sudden lurch when the monster begins to barf out all of the things… tomatoes, eggplants, beans, melons and onions. Squash starts to fatten up and beach ball pumpkins appear almost as if from nowhere… Brussels form, and armies of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages line up for harvest.   

It is exhilarating and exhausting all at once.  We are at this juncture now.  August…. we have built a veritable monster and are so very excited to share it with you over the second half the growing season.