Is oregano worthy of your love?

I never buy herbs.

With the exception of cilantro – of course. And basil. But only during basil season.

I used to spend big bucks for that recipe that needed two, yep two, sprigs of thyme. And I’d think to myself, what the hell am I going to make now.

I couldn’t eat roasted cherry tomatoes with goat’s cheese, thyme and lemon on fresh pasta all week (a recipe ripped from a friend, which may have been ripped from the internet, which could probably be re-ripped from the internet through the Googling of the list of ingredients, if by chance one’s taste buds are tingling at the thought).

Herbs - thyme (1 of 1)

Lemon Thyme

Invariably, thyme, rosemary and oregano went to waste in my fridge.

It wasn’t long before I got wise to how easy it is to grow a pot of herbs. And not long after that did I realize herbs make for an amazing rock garden display – even in my frigid and often sun-challenged sideyard.

The shapes, colours and smells in my rock garden have changed immensely over the years.

Herbs (4 of 8)

Lemon Balm

I have fewer traditional flower garden flowers and an abundance of lemon balm, lavender, rosemary, oregano, chives, mint, tarragon and thyme. Most return each year. Each dependant on the winter weather.

Although my favourite trailbuilder often suggests oregano isn’t worthy of the dirt it rests in, the bees love it — especially when it flowers.

Oregano shadow digi (1 of 1)

Oregano Flowers

And I think the oregano flowers look stunning once dried. And so does @therocketnarcissist, but he never makes the oregano connection. Nor do I remind him.

Today, was a bit damp, but it didn’t stop me from getting eye level with a few of the lovely herbs that make up my rock garden “passion” project.

I like mornings best. The light is gorgeous. The bugs are sleeping in.

Herbs (3 of 8)

Chive Flower Buds

The only downfall is the need to watch out for the banana slugs on your way through the garden. That slime is certainly the most unpleasant thing about gardening. It’s disgusting.


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