It’s time to Slow Food as if the future of food depended on it. Sunday August 18!

Thanks to Carlee Cindric, the tireless event producer with Tourism Pemberton, behind Slow Food Cycle Sunday, for taking time out from organizing, to share this reminder of what Pemberton’s signature home-grown festival is all about. Connecting consumers with their food and the farmers responsible for it, seems more and more vital, as the UN releases its report forecasting the human population on Earth will go to 10 billion by 2050, and the way we eat and grow will have one of the most profound impacts on our planet, its habitability and climate stability, of almost any other thing we do. The headlines might read “world food security at risk” and “agricultural practices add to climate threat”, but what’s important to grasp (i.e. hook your soul’s momentum onto) here is that the way we grow our food (and our beer! and our booze! and our flowers!) offers one of the very best and most powerful ways we have of stabilizing the climate. It’s not a foregone conclusion. Don’t give in to despair! Get on your bike. And go meet some growers, who are practicing regenerative techniques and nurturing the soil that feeds us.

by Carlee Cindric for Tourism Pemberton

Do you Slow Food? It’s the 15th year of the annual Slow Food Cycle Sunday presented by the Pemberton Valley Supermarket! That’s quite an achievement given the modest beginnings of this favourite community event.


Most compatible road-mates: tractor and bicycle. Photo by Dave Steers

Founded in 2005 by two locals with a shared vision of the importance of farmland and connecting consumers with farmers/producers, the Slow Food Cycle Sunday has grown into a larger cycling festival complete with live music, food, drinks, art, crafts, treats and more – all with a local, grassroots vibe.


Visit The BeerFarmers, one of Slow Food Cycle’s founding farms, and learn how long it really takes to grow and brew a beer. We’re talking field to tap.

Pemberton’s Slow Food Cycle Sunday is an important event for Pemberton because it brings together consumers and producers in a unique ‘green’ agri-tourism experience, drawing participants from the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Vancouver and worldwide. The event shines a spot light on the slow food movement – food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high-quality locally sourced ingredients – and the importance of farm land, eating locally and supporting local food producers.


The event invites participants to choose their own cycling adventure using an interpretive map highlighting the various participating farms and venues along Pemberton Meadows Road. Participants can set their own pace and decide which farms along the 25 kilometer roud-trip route to visit. Along the way, participating farms open their ‘doors’ for the day and host a variety of vendors selling and sampling everything Pemberton has to offer from baking and honey to coffee, Pemberton potato fries, hamburgers and of course Pemberton fresh fruit and veggies.


Laughing Crow Organics have been “setting up” a sunflower maze for your pleasure at Slow Food Cycle, growing sunflower babies from seed for a field of sunny dreams experience.

We’ve got a few new farms/venues and vendors joining us for year 15 which helps to keep the event new and exciting for those participants who return year after year.

The Slow Food Cycle Sunday will take place on August 18. We encourage folks to register online before the event at Don’t forget to bring your helmet and water and remember to follow the rules of the road.  


We look forward to hosting you during this celebration of Food, Farmers and the Joys of Biking! For more information, visit






The amazing thing about Slow Food Cycle is that, just by showing up, you are being part of the event. But if you want to further inject your energy into the day, you can sign up for a 2 hour volunteer shift at the registration table.