Taking the Sting

I am one of those weird and fantastic people who get really excited about the plants nobody likes. The wild ones, the weeds. The FLOWERS OF TREES. The pesky dandelions old men spend hours picking out of their lawns. The patch of chickweed I found growing in the horse pasture… and made into lip balm and a series of green juices that impressed even my mother.

I want to share a little about a spiky, prickly friend of mine, otherwise known as Stinging Nettle. Nettle is the star of the show right now. When I filmed the video I was fresh from two hours of editing a manuscript, and an hour of harvesting Nettle tops. The result? One part medicinal plant talk, two parts deep restorative ecology of the human ecosystem, and one part neighbour’s chainsaw as background noise. You can’t get more ‘weedy’ then that!