Dreams of Chicken Soup

pexels-photo-772518.pngI just got over a wicked flu. Flat out for pretty much three weeks. One night as I was trying to get some sleep, in between coughing up a lung and blowing my nose, I could not get Chicken Soup out of my mind. I was visualizing me putting the whole chicken in a large pot of water, simmering it all day. I think I could even smell it! I could not stop thinking about it.

The next morning I dragged my sick, sorry butt out of bed and tromped straight across the  yard to the barn where my freezer lives. I pulled out one of Nicole Ronayne’s amazing chickens and threw it in a pot with the last of my onions from my garden, carrots, celery and a boat load of garlic! Even just the smell of it simmering made me feel better. It was loaded with all the goodness that my sick body needed and I could not get enough of it. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner until it was gone. It’s just so funny how our body knows just what it needs. Soups and stews along with gallons of hot teas. Warming our bodies from the inside out. Fighting those nasty bugs.

Our Mom’s and Grandma’s knew what they were doing. Food can heal whether it’s our bodies or our soul. Food does much more than just feed us. It can comfort and nurture as well. Food and wellness go hand in hand as well as food and sickness.